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As a coach, my aim is to provide a space in which you can develop greater insight and self-awareness, take personal responsibility and make the healthy changes you want in your life.


The main focus of my coaching is the complete wellness of body and mind, the connection between your physical and mental health. We now know that emotional and behavioural factors can directly affect our health and overall wellbeing, what we feel and what we think can lead to imbalance and illness in the body and mind. This is where I want to work with you to re-establish balance and promote perfect health.


I have a multidisciplinary approach to my work. I am trauma informed and use a range of disciplines including life coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), mindfulness and counselling skills to assist you to truly establish and reach your goals. I also bring my own personal understanding of illness and recovery, my own experience of poor health and a determination to change my own outcomes.


It’s not about what you don’t want in life, it’s about what you do want. Isn’t it right that you should be healthy, happy and fulfilled in the life you are living now? I can assist you in rewriting your story to give yourself the happy ending you desire.


Your present beliefs, your memories and experiences and thoughts about yourself influence your physical and mental health, they lift you up or pull you down and I’m guessing you might be reading this now as you’ve already made the decision to make the changes required to get what you want. Are you ready now to remove the obstacles that have been holding you back from the fabulously healthy and happy life you really want to lead?


When you are living in alignment in heart and mind, your actions in line with your core values and personal beliefs your body vibrates at another level, you give out and attract health and vitality.


What is it you need to let go of, say goodbye to or change in order to live authentically, create happiness and total wellness?


I am not able to change the things you are not ready to let go of, you must be prepared to take responsibility for your life and the actions you take towards bettering it, but when you are, we can make magic happen.

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