About – Resting in the Heart

I’m a Coach, Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Trauma Specialist. I combine these practices and other therapeutic models with the work I have been undertaking in therapeutic settings for the last twenty years. I’m approaching my work as a whole person mixing holistic therapies with trauma informed practice and understanding to bring about change, wellness and growth.


I’ve worked on myself and continue to do so, it’s imperative that I understand my own functioning if I am to work with others, it’s also essential that I continue pushing myself outside of my own comfort zone if I’m to continue to grow. From a diagnosis of a chronic illness I have found my way back to good health, I have reduced chronic pain and fatigue and believe I can totally recover, I’m nearly there!


I’m a whole food plant based vegan, I’m serious about my diet. I believe we are what we feed ourselves and that is much the food we put into our bodies as what we tell ourselves. We are everything that we think and do, we create our own reality through our actions.


I’d guess that’s probably as much as you want to know about me, what you really want to know is how I can help you and hear about what I can do for you, right?


All you need is love is my philosophy, it is the only answer and it starts with loving ourselves and our imperfections and recognising we are worthy of success.How though do we do this if we don’t totally understand who we are, where we’ve come from and how our experiences have directed the way in which we live? How do we live authentically if we don’t understand what makes us tick, how past events have programmed our present reality and thinking? I can help you answer these questions; help you gain a better understanding of yourself and help you move on from those self-limiting beliefs.


Healing comes from within, it comes from inside of ourselves and can’t be found outside, that’s why I call my service Resting in the Heart, because it’s from this place we start.


The main thing I do is provide the space to begin to create the outcomes you desire. This space is for recovery, growth and personal development. I want to assist people in reaching their full potential and in doing so reach my own. I want to help you love yourself enough to make the changes that are so crucial to your long-term wellbeing and future success. I provide this space both online and in person.


Resting in the Heart is for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of themselves and make positive changes. We are made up of our experiences and to understand them, well at least the impact on body, mind and spirit is to understand ourselves better. When we come from a place of understanding and acceptance, anything is possible.


Working with Organisations


I also work with organisations, individuals and groups within an organisation. I work with teams to ensure the core values of the organisation are reflected throughout their work, communication and thinking.

I am experienced in the development of teams and managers and experienced in the support of transitions and new ways of working.





As well as this private practice I work with Trudy Glenister at www.workingtherapies.co.uk facilitating change for individuals, groups and organisations.

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