Connecting with your Future Self

Do you know where you want to be but have trouble knowing how to get there, are you lost when it comes to knowing the next steps to take, or what direction you should go in? Do you ever feel swamped but get nothing done as it is all just too much? Do you procrastinate when you should be getting on top of the million and one things you have to do? Do you leave everything to the last minute because you just don’t know where to start?

Sometimes starting something new is the hardest thing in the world, it can be like climbing a mountain with a peak that is just out of sight, we can’t ever imagine getting there, the outcome or end product is sometimes as hard to see.

A simple visualisation can create the pathways you need to begin, whatever it is you’re putting off or deliberating on. Lets look at that mountain, if when you are at the bottom, you use a simple visualisation to see yourself at the top, picture yourself there, know and feel yourself having accomplished the climb, realise what it took for you to get there, see the steps you took and know it’s possible, you have started to create your outcome.

When we see our future selves, feel, sense and know what it’s like to be in the future it is so much easier to get there. We start to understand the steps we need to take and also the impact of the decisions we are making today and how they affect the outcome. When we get to know our future selves, we can create an emotional connection, bring our future selves closer to who we are now to assist us in the steps we need to make. Ask your future self what it is you need to do to get there.

If you can trust anyone in life, surely you can trust yourself. Think about it, it’s like having your hand held, who better to show you the way than somebody who has got there, somebody who has been in exactly your position and who has your very best interests at heart.

You can use simple visualisations like this in anything you need to do as a way of getting you there, but don’t only visualise the outcome, make sure you understand the process. Ensure your visualisation is realistic, congruent to who you are and achievable, know that you will get there and that your future self will show you the way.

A good way to visualise is to watch the scene as if on a cinema screen, watch yourself experience the achievement and then step into the scene and experience how success feels firsthand.  If you really immerse yourself in the experience your brain will believe it, our imaginations are incredibly powerful things, when we imagine we create images that become part of us, we store them as if they are real, we create pathways and pathways are what we need to lead us to where we want to be.

So what is it that you are going to do today?