Setting Intentions

Anything that happens, comes first from an intention, every dream comes true because of it. Whatever we do in life starts with an intention, however simple each thing, it is with having an intention that it comes into being. Nothing would occur otherwise, we need intention to get out of bed each day, need intention to stretch and greet the day and intention to continue.

Most of the time we are in a state of busyness, thinking about what is happening right now, what happened yesterday, what will happen tomorrow and of all the things we need to get completed. This is not the space we need to set intentions, because they get lost, we set them and hold onto them without giving them a chance to flourish.

The best way to set the intentions, that will make the changes we want in life, is in the right space and at the right time. Space, because we need to be in peaceful surroundings to move into the silent place beyond the ego, and time to be able to focus and create. Most of the time we are caught up in everyday thoughts, feelings and memories and don’t have time to move beyond this, we are driven by what is happing in the moment.

A different state of mind is needed to set intentions, the most widely used being meditation which takes you beyond the ego mind into a place of silence and awareness. Following a meditation session, we are in the right space to plant the seeds of our intentions, in a place where they have space to grow, sitting quietly with them for a short while and then releasing them to flourish as they should. Easier said than done, it can take a lifetime to master a meditation ritual.

For those that struggle with meditation, hypnotherapy can help in guiding you to a place where you can plant the seeds. Through hypnotherapy you will be more able to reach a place of being where you can become the master of your destiny, sow seeds and create. In a trance state you won’t be influenced by the self-doubt of your critical mind, other’s opinions and criticisms. You will be free to make the changes you want and often need by communicating directly with your subconscious mind. The subconscious, higher consciousness or whatever you like to call it can then take control, you don’t even need to know or remember the details.

What is it you want in life, to be successful, happy, confident or just to be able to manage the everyday challenges that hold you back? Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, try setting your intention. Take some time out for yourself and use your imagination, feel how it feels to be how you want to be. Your own imagination is incredibly powerful and what’s more, your mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what is imagination, it will believe what it sees, so what are you waiting for?