Working with the Dying

My step father was afraid of dying, he told me he didn’t know what to do, he wasn’t sure where he should go after he had passed away. This was causing him a great deal of anguish on top of what was also a lot of discomfort with his body giving in. This was long before my hypnotherapy training although one of the reasons I decided to sign up for the course in the first place.

I intuitively knew what to do, I guided him home through relaxing his body and provided him with a visualisation he could easily follow. I knew I should take him on a guided walk, I created a beautiful pathway and encouraged him to look for those that had gone before him. He didn’t say anything but his breathing eased as did the anxious look on his face. My tone was soft and my language encouraging while giving him all the time he needed to make that final crossing. He passed away in comfort of his home, without excess medication, knowing that he was loved and cared for and also that he was going to a place of love.

I sat with him afterwards knowing I had done the best I could in the circumstances and that he had felt held in mind right up to the point where he had to go alone. I wonder if he looked back, I hope not, I hope he just listened to my encouraging words and believed he was going the right way.

Hypnotherapy can assist the dying in a number of ways. As well as supporting the final transition it can help the patient come to terms with events. Working with the subconscious mind the hypnotherapist can help the patient access their true emotions, assist them in saying the things they want to say to those they are leaving behind. Many people have difficulty in their self-expression and find it hard to communicate their emotions adequately, in a trance state they can more easily access their subconscious, where any inhibitions or defensiveness are lowered and speak from the heart. They can ask for forgiveness or forgive and they can also see where they need to forgive themselves for any perceived wrong doings.

Many people hold onto life, it might be through fear like my step father or the fear of breaking attachments they have here, hypnotherapy can help them in realising there is no fear in ‘letting go’. Working with the patient and family, the hypnotherapist can support this difficult time for all concerned.